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Preserving The Legacy of David Mancuso

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Welcome to the official website of the Loft Party in NYC, founded in the 1960s by David Mancuso.

We Are H(OHM)

Our mission is to preserve the cultural legacy, memory, and spirit of our beloved friend David Mancuso. We continue to produce and maintain the longest running, underground dance party in New York City as a shared and inclusive, home-like environment for the fair and equal treatment of people from all walks of life, creating the opportunity to establish relationships and friendships fostered from the party, where we come together as a family and celebrate our common humanity in harmony and peace, through a mutual love of music and dancing.

Our guiding principles are egalitarian, we adhere to the golden rule, embrace kindness to all people, respect positive influences and models for living authentic lives as human beings who do what they feel is right, not what others tell them is acceptable.

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The longest running underground dance event in US history.
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The Loft Audio System

By David Mancuso

Fundamentals Do Not Change, The Laws of Physics Endure

Loft Audio Paper #1 - Room Acoustics

“The overall quality of a sound reproducing system can be affected by the room acoustics! Many times a very good system is placed in a poor environment and the sound system is held at fault. By using NATURAL sounds, such as the voice one can tell immediately if the room is good or bad. Of course, so will the reproduction of all sounds. The dimensions of the room is also extremely vital. So if you are serious about music you will observe the first rule - ROOM ACOUSTICS - If it doesn't go in right it doesn't come out right.”

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Speaker Arrangements, Sound Pressure Levels (click to enlarge)

David Mancuso's The Loft - Audio Schematic
David Mancuso – The Loft

David Mancuso – The Loft

Nuphonic, m99836, UK, 1999 [DISCOGS]
David Mancuso – The Loft, Volume Two

David Mancuso – The Loft

Volume Two • Nuphonic, m85952, UK, 1999 [DISCOGS]

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