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From David Mancuso and the Art of Deejaying Without Deejaying

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David Mancuso structured the party into three stages or, to use the term from ‘The Tibetan Book Of The Dead’, three Bardos (Leary had applied this to his LSD sessions): “The first Bardo would be very smooth, perfect, calm. The second Bardo would be like a circus. And the third Bardo was about re-entry, so people would go back into the outside world relatively smoothly”, he explains in ‘Love Saves The Day’.

Mancuso's music library is a prized collection of some of the greatest songs you may have never heard of. The common theme of David's music: inspiring, positive, great to dance to, and well recorded.

The highest graces of music flow from the feelings of the heart....Emmons

It has been determined that the greatest invention of the 15th century was the printing press -- a device that literally changed the world. The availability of information through books and other printed materials is an obvious example. So, is it true with the electronic recording process. By being able to capture the moment of the performance, we can preserve that musical event forever.

For example: If the actual event of the "sermon on the mount" was able to have been recorded electronically, not only could we hear the sound of His voice, but also know exactly what He said. The music of Beethoven is also another classic example. If if had been possible to record Beethoven conducting one of his own symphonies, we could enjoy and appreciate the music exactly as it was played under the baton of the maestro himself.

So, the function of the recording engineer is to be a dedicated and inspired engineer and to hold true to the "moment". A disc jockey and/or anyone who plays a recording is now the "Playback Engineer," if you will. The Disc Jockey's primary function is to let the prerecorded information arrive unobtrusively at the listener's ear. This will benefit all of us. This is the true role of the playback engineer, "the Disc Jockey." If the playback engineer's mind is cluttered with thoughts of microphones, levers, etc., that he controls, and the power that he feels rising from the console, then his lack of humility and dedication to his role will simply distance the music and at best have limited value. The Disc Jockey in his own way is just as important as the performer and should be totally dedicated to the playback of the music without disturbing the artist's original intent, then the Music will take seed and grow, throughout the world and time.
· David Mancuso

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